Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sweet Kay | Child Portraits

You may not know this, but my husband Victor (yes, I know, Victor/Victoria) is also a photographer. He is a graphic designer, but he can also hold his own behind the camera! He is my second shooter at weddings and we are one heck of a team. I love his "fly on the wall" style. I am the posing expert, I like to coach my subjects through their sessions and keep talking because, well, frankly silence makes me incredibly nervous. But not Victor. No, he is quiet and precise and captures the best "in-between moments". Yes the in-between moments that happen between tone posed shot and the next. The expressions, the laughs, the personality traits, etc. I love that we compliment each other so well when we pair up. For this particular shoot, however, it was all him. I had to photograph a different project that day and Victor tackled this portrait session all by his lonesome. He shot entirely with natural light during golden time. He reports that little Kay was so fun and friendly and nothing short of the next Shirley Temple. 
I think he did a fabulous job, what do you think?

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