Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Mark + Adriana | Wedding

Mark and Adriana are abnormally beautiful. Not only due to their classic good looks, but because their personalities and hearts are equally charming. Mark and Adriana met on an online dating site and, after some time of communication, they decided to meet in person. Mark tells the story of how that first date went so well and so smooth for him, but he didn't know if Adriana had left with the same impression. He pondered as he began to drive home, and at the first stop light he heard a loud scream coming from the car next to him. He looked over and it was Adriana on the phone screaming of excitement! I guess Adriana thought the date went okay too. ;) The rest, apparently, is history.

The day of their wedding was a beautiful sunny day with clear skies. The air was filled with love and well-wishes to the gorgeous couple. It was so evident that each and every person in attendance was overflowing with joy for them both. And how couldn't they? This pair was made for one another. They complement each other seamlessly. Thank you, Mark and Adriana for letting me be part of your beautiful day. It was a pleasure working with you both and your amazing families. Besitos.

Venue: Skylinks Golf Course
Event Coordinator: Anna Ghahramanya
Photography: Victoria Chrystal Photography
Video: Todd Smaretsky