Sunday, July 15, 2012

Kathryn ~ For Fun | Portraits

Kathryn and I met back in 2003 while working at Disney. She was the kind of person that is all business ALL THE TIME. And me, well...I'm all jokes and laughs...ALL THE TIME. So we weren't exactly a match made in heaven...yet. We actually still joke about the fact that when she met me, I was not her cup of tea, but I immediately thought to myself: "She will be my friend" lol. Well, needless to say, I won her over (duh, who can resist my charm?) and the rest is history. She is one of my best friends to this day. We've been through a lot together...and I hope she knows how dear she is to me and how highly I think of her. Unfortunately, she doesn't always believe how beautiful she I need to physically drag her to the makeup chair, then shove her in front of the camera and force her to let me take her photos. Then I get to wave them in her face and say "seeeeeee! see how stunning you are?!" ;)

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