Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Cortez Family | Portraits

Meet the Cortez family: Oscar, Brenda, Bree and Ethan. They are a classic yet modern family with a flair of fun! They were such troopers the day of our photoshoot. We had originally planed to shoot in a field of tall grass, but when we arrived to our location it was pouring rain! We had to improvise and change location last minute. Their patience and flexibility was so refreshing!

Surely you remember the Garcia family from a couple of posts ago (this one), well Brenda is Nereyda's sister and she trusted me with her family portraits this year (yay!). Let me just say that Nereyda was right about her niece and nephew, they've got glitter in their veins! One of my favorite moments from this shoot was when I was giving them directions for posing and Ethan turns to his dad and sais "Ugh, I'm gonna need Starbucks." LOL! I literally needed a minute to compose myself. I guess lollypops and ice cream don't cut it with these kids, they want coffee! I got such a kick out of that, I giggled for days.

Truth be told, this family oozes with love for one another. You can just tell they are united and will grow even closer with time.  They made me warm and fuzzy inside. Check it out: 

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