Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Hodsons | Family Portraits

The Hodson family was referred to me by a client who hadn't even shot with me yet! Maria, the momma bear, contacted me ready to schedule a shoot without even having seen her friends photos yet. How's that for pressure? I met this beautiful family in Laguna Beach on a perfectly gloomy day in late November. The forecast actually said we were to have showers that day but the photography gods were in our favor and the weather was ideal.

I have to say I was surprised how mega low-maintenance their three girls were. They literally entertained themselves while taking turns in front of the camera. The youngest had a birthday coming up, so Maria scheduled both 1st birthday portraits and family portraits on the same day.

After a couple of posed shots, I did a few "family dynamic" shots, which are a signature of mine. I let the family play, interact and laugh while I act as a fly on the wall and shoot around them. I love fun, natural laughs and I feel that down the road, they'll want to look bad and remember the "moments".
Here are my faves:

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