Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Vintage Boudoir

Here is another prime example of how different personalities reflect the different styles of boudoir. In this shoot we aimed for soft and feminine, vintage with a hint of pin-up. As a photographer, it is important to me that I maintain my personal style, yet give the client what they want. Sharp images, bold colors, even lighting and an editorial feel are a huge deal to me and reflect my photographic style and should never be compromised. But that does not mean I can't play with themes and concepts. We shot this session inside the Sweeter Than Honey Hair Lounge in Huntington Beach. My friend Brandon (who is a hair genius!) was kind enough to lend us his space. Creativity has no limits my friends. To limit myself and my clients to a bedroom and a window is... well, boring!

A special thank you to Sweeter Than Honey Hair Lounge in Huntington Beach for allowing us to shoot in their space. Thanks to Brandon Joseph for his amazing talent in hair and makeup artistry. 

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