Monday, December 30, 2013

Hodson Family | Orange County Family Portraits

I was sooo excited to hear back from this gorgeous family again this year! We shot their family portraits again back in early November, and had a blast doing so. I photographed them at the beach last year (you can see that session here) and absolutely fell in love with their family dynamic. We decided on a completely different feel for this year and so we did their session in the historic Artists' Village in Santa Ana. It's so cool to capture their personalities, especially after not seeing them for a year and seeing how much the girls have grown! Look at just how beautiful this family is!

This was one session that really got to me for some reason. Not sure why, I guess it really just struck me how much time flies. The thought of being part of people's lives and special memories drives me. I am obsessed. You know how they say that in friendships it is the quality, not the quantity that matters? Well it's the same for me with clients.

Someone asked me not too long ago if I had dealt with "the client from hell" yet, lol! And although I've only been in business for about three years, I could honestly say that I have absolutely adored every single person that I have worked with. And now, as I walk over to my side table to knock on wood, I realize that it's not always going to be peach cobbler and that eventually I will encounter a difficult client, but I believe that when passion, patience, humility and basic knowledge of good customer service drives you, not just monetary gain, both the client and the artist can weed out the incompatibles. Until then, I will rejoice in the fact that I have the best clients in the world. :)

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