Monday, April 14, 2014

Addison | Birthday Session

Sweet little Addy had her 2nd birthday portrait session in late February in preparation for her ice cream themed birthday party.  We started off with a vintage style, classic portrait setup and later opened up her ice cream shop for business. It wasn't easy gaining her trust, but slowly and surely she began to loosen up. I saw the light bulbs go off in her eyes the moment I showed her one of the shots. She recognized herself and was immediately hooked. Addy loves books and Minnie Mouse. She likes to compete with the family dogs for attention and, I believe, it keeps her on her toes! She is adorable and clearly the apple of her parents' eyes!

I love working with kids. Their honesty and transparency is unmatched. I enjoy hanging out and being silly and clicking the shutter in the process. I don't pose children. I always tell the parents to just let them be, sometimes even ignore them. It throws them off.  Addy was a little hesitant at the beginning but as she warmed up to me and the camera, she even let me have some ice cream!