Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Roys Family | Family Portraits

I had the opportunity to spend a gorgeous Southern California evening with the Roys Family and I couldn't allow any more time to pass by without blogging about these beautiful people. I have known Joyce since high school and even though I don't know if we ever actually crossed too many words back then, I always knew her as the cheerleader with a smile. Every time I would see her in the halls she would flash a huge white smile my way. It's weird to think that after all these years that stands out so clearly in my mind. And, now, having met her entire family, I realize that that beautiful and sincere smile is the family's trademark.

This family session was special. Joyce and her husband, Francisco, will be moving to Sacramento at the end of the month. Joyce has been working in politics for some time now and will be transitioning into a new position as Legislative Aide in our state's Capitol for a state elected official. Yes, it really is as big of a deal as it sounds! It was important to Joyce that she and her family had a portrait session in her hometown of Santa Ana prior to her and her husband's departure.  So we headed downtown and played in the Artists Village as well and the Old Courthouse. 

This family oozes of love for one another. Parents that still cuddle and make each other laugh after so many years have no choice but to infect their children and those around them with warmth. They are all incredibly lucky to have each other. Thank you, Roys Family, for putting up with my silliness and for going with the flow so gracefully. It was such a pleasure feeling like part of the clan for a day!

Joyce, you make your community a proud one. Congratulations on all your accomplishments and good luck on your new adventure! There is no doubt in my mind that with your perseverance, intelligence and beauty, along with the support of your amazing husband and family, your successes will be limitless. Their pride for you most definitely is.
P.s. I get dibs on shooting your formal campaign portraits when you run for office. :)

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