Thursday, April 23, 2015

Karina + Gustavo | Orange County Engagement Photography

I have been meaning to share this fun engagement session for a while now. It was such a pleasure spending an evening with Karina and Gustavo. They are so deeply in love with one another and they were so easy going. I really enjoy getting to hear the love stories that couples share with me. Especially when they start off a little shy and slowly open up. That's theeee best! I feel like I am in some way disarming and, dare I say, comforting! Gustavo, for instance was super quiet at first, but by the end of our session he was very much  engaged (pun intended). He jumped in and shared why he fell in love with Karina and how they were very good friends, but one day he woke up and said "I need to marry that woman". Eeeeeek! I love this stuff!

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