Friday, September 4, 2015

Mommy-And-Me | Orange County Family Photography

Ms. Callaway was my tenth grade history teacher back in 2000. It was her first year of teaching and I remember thinking she looked more like she belonged in the class than teaching it. She was young and wide-eyed and had more patience than anyone ever should. She had the most beautiful long, curly hair. My friends and I liked calling her Felicity, after the 90's hit TV show of the same name. She never did care much for that nickname. I can confidently say that I was not her favorite pupil. I remember being late to her class almost every day because I wanted to take the long route so that I could catch a glimpse of my mega crush *Victor* (lol, I know) on his way to third period. I also remember getting my drugstore makeup and Aqua Net confiscated on a regular basis for touching up in class. I'm pretty sure she would agree that I was not the most fun to have in her class... like at all. It's funny though, it's always our "non-favorite" teachers that actually teach us something. Today, I would definitely have to credit Ms. Callaway for my fascination with Marie Antoinette. It was very cool getting to see her estate at Palace of Versailles last year and I definitely thought of my old teach during the tour. I clearly remember the conviction and outrage in which Ms. Callaway uttered the words "Let them eat cake" during her French Revolution lesson. It's weird the things that stick with students through the years.  She was also the person who helped me write my very first resume for my very first job.

Fast-forward fifteen years,  I had such a blast capturing sweet moments between her and cutie pie Luca! He is such a wonderful boy, to see him is to love him. He didn't even make me work for it! He just laughed and giggled and played with mamma. I have no doubt that the stars aligned to give Ms. Callaway a beautiful gift. Surely sweet Luca is a reward for all those years of putting up with dramatic, idiotic and torturous students. I am so happy to have had the opportunity to not only grow out of that strange phase, but to actually show her a little love after all these years.

***Ms. C! Luca is so lucky to have such a wonderful mommy who will teach him so many great things about the past, present and future. You deserve all the best things life has to offer and I am so infinitely happy for you!  
     P.s. Can I have my mascara back now? Juuuust kidding... ;)

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