Thursday, May 26, 2016

Jasmine + Eliana | Orange County Family Photography

Check out this super cute Mommy & Me/Lifestyle session with Jasmine and Eliana. I love lifestyle family sessions because I get to capture people just having fun and being who they are. It's not always about looking into a camera and saying "cheese". Sometimes it's the little moments capturing people's dynamic that mean the most to them.

Eliana was a little shy at first and eventually let us all in on the fact that she absolutely detests taking photos. So much, in fact, that I had to be a little sneaky and prey on her from afar. Kids are so smart, they know what's going on even when we try to trick them. But no one can escape this crazy photographer on a mission! Sometimes the best way to reason with children is to just ignore them and act like you are photographing flowers or picking lemons, LOL. It confuses them long enough to grab a few shots, but you have to be quick! ;) I love my job!

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