Sunday, July 31, 2016

Cynthia + Louis | Riverside Wedding Photography

I have to say, I am incredibly proud of the type of couples that we attract. We have been in business long enough to recognize a common denominator in the kind of people that hire us, and to say that we are flattered is an understatement. The bride that hires us is likely to be deep, sentimental, detail oriented, loving, has a sense of humor, knows what she wants, is determined, picky, driven and a visionary. The bride that hires us has a story to tell. Her wedding must be epic and metaphoric. Our brides are inspired, have excellent taste and are total photography snobs! Our grooms are involved, supportive, fashion forward and have big ol' hearts. The groom that hires us would give anything to see his bride smile.

Cynthia and Louis were no exception to this observation. We hit it off from the moment we met when we went out for coffee well over a year ago. So much has happened since then. From their engagement session, the wedding, and now, as we get ready to send their custom album to print, I reflect on their beautiful day and how happy they both were! Cynthia is the type of woman who knows exactly what she wants and is not afraid to go after it. Not just in planning their wedding, but in life. She's a go-getter with a twinkle in her eye. I knew from the moment we met that she, like me, is a perfectionist with a very specific vision in mind. Louis is a bit of an observer, a kind soul and the ultimate pillar of strength. I love connecting with our couples on such a level that we get to see, like really see, who they are as individuals. I love to feel "let in". Everything just makes more sense on the day of the wedding. Everything means more. Every detail tells a story. It's like piecing a puzzle together via images.

Cynthia and Louis' event took place at the striking Crestmore Manor in Jurupa Valley. This beautiful plantation-style venue served as the backdrop for an outdoor ceremony as well as provided the perfect indoor reception hall. Planned and styled to perfection by our friends over at  Dream Events, the decor, layout and lighting were pristine. But all the glamour in the world would mean absolutely nothing without the love that holds it all together. And of that, my friends, there was enough of to go around.

Event coordination:  Dream Events 
Venue: Crestmore Manor
Cake:  Portos Bakery
DJ:  DJ Freddy Guzman
Florist:  Blooming Flowers
Makeup:  Makeup By XO
Video:  Boffo Video
Photography:  Victoria Chrystal Photography

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  1. I have been a wedding vender (Photographer) in the area for twenty five years and I have never been treated so well by a wedding venue like I was at this place. I am usually taken care of as a "last on the list" at venues, which I understand where the bride, groom and guest come first but the entire staff from the minute I walked in the door of Malibu wedding venues treated me so well.

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