Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Ivette | Laguna Beach Maternity Photography

I had the opportunity to reunite with and photograph my good friend from high school, Ivette! This girl and I go wayyyyy back! It's funny how life goes around in circles and people that we may have lost touch with can make their way back into our lives eventually. Especially with social media these days, it's so much easier to do so. I felt so honored to be able to do this for her and catch up. We met in Laguna Beach on a beautiful summer evening. She was such a good sport... even when a huge wave came by to say hi lol.

Ivette was always the kind of girl that could light up any room. She had a smile and a giggle that turned any frown upside down. She was the kind of girl you wanted to hate because she was so pretty and fabulous, but couldn't because she is so damn dope! Well, it is my duty to report that some things never change. This beautiful, funny, smart, silly goose may have some geese of her own now, as well as a husband who adores her... but that same girl I remembered is completely intact.

and... of course...

#theblooper 😹

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