Monday, September 25, 2017

Schafer Family | Lifestyle

If you've been following my blog for some time now, then you're well acquainted with the Schafer family! You'd know them from their adoption announcement photos, their family sessions and, most recently, maternity photos (this one).

I am so in love with the amazing family they have built. I can't help but feel somehow connected to their story. I'm so flattered that the powers that be led our paths to cross. I have been immensly blessed by simply knowing them them and soaking up their good vibes. Salem Grey Schafer was the long awaited missing piece to this beautiful puzzle and when she finally arrived, I had the pleasure of documenting their family dynamic in their home. This was one FUN lifestyle session! One of my favorite moments was during Salem's mommy/daddy time when big sister Noa couldn't resist hogging the spotlight. She got on the bed with them and out of nowhere, for the first time ever, started doing summersaults. Completely unprompted! It was hilarious. Mmmmm hmmm.... I feel ya Noa, the struggle is real when you need to keep that limelight! Get it girl.

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