Monday, May 28, 2018

June + Martin | Orange County Engagement Photography

June and Martin are one of our wedding couples this year. We will be photographing their big day in September and got to hang out with them for the engagement session. To be entirely honest, I thought it would take a little more work getting these two love birds comfortable in front of the camera. When we first met during the initial consultation, June seemed a little bit shy and Martin had most of the serious questions. They seemed super laid back and we hit it off right away. June and I talked wedding details and photography. Victor and Martin bonded over goulash. Martin is from the Czech Republic and since that is one of Victor's favorite cities in the world, they instantly hit it off.

Fast forward to the day of their session, I didn't think they'd be so easy to photograph. There was nothing to overthink and they completely let me boss them around and make them laugh. In fact, Martin has some pretty good jokes of his own! I love it when that happens! Check out these cuties:

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