Thursday, November 12, 2020

Leah | Downtown Santa Ana 30th Birthday Photo Session


Leah contacted me because she wanted to do a fun photo session for her upcoming 30th birthday.  She had seen one of my birthday shoots that I had done for my own birthday a while back and really liked one of the alleys that I used. After speaking with her, feeling out her personality and seeing what she looking at as far as wardrobe, we decided to do two outfits: one dressier look and one more fun/casual. We started off with a bit of an editorial, moody vibe. Then we just had fun and were silly while I captured it all. The best of both worlds! We shot these in Downtown Santa Ana at some of my favorite spots.


Believe it or not, Leah is not a professional model. She is a regular girl who simply let me boss her around and tell her how to move and where to stand. We had so much fun being silly, laughing and running around town. I loved that she doesn't take herself too seriously and was down for anything. Because that's the part that makes images come to life. Take a peek!

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